Terms of Service

01. Appointments

Please provide 48 hours notice if you need to change or cancel an appointment. We appreciate your understanding and this time frame allows us to offer the appointment to another patient from the waitlist.

We understand that patients experience emergencies and may have quick changes to their plans. There is currently no fee for a missed appointment but patients who frequently cancel or change appointment times may be asked to discuss scheduling wishes with the physicians in effort to find an opportunity for best support for all patients


02.Privacy Policy

All patients are protected by HIPPA. Vermont Wellness Medicine adheres strictly to those policies. 


03. Integrative Medicine

Dr. Littlefield provides integrative cancer treatment plans. Her services are NOT a replacement for standard and conventional oncology care.  


04. Insurance for NATUROPATHIC Medicine SERVICES

Naturopathic Physicians are covered by most Vermont based health care plans. Vermont Wellness Medicine collects payment at the time of services unless insurance is verified before the visit.

Further information as follows:

  • State of Vermont or Federal Insurance plans should be covered if contracted through Vermont. This includes MedicAID, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and MVP.
  • Out-of-State Insurance plans are likely not covered. Vermont Wellness Medicine collects payment for services at the time of service.  

  • MedicARE does not currently reimburse for naturopathic medicine or acupuncture.  In this case, please also note: 

    • Vermont secondary insurance: services may be covered. Please ask the receptionist. 

    • Out-of-State secondary insurance : services are not likely to be covered.

    • Supplemental Insurance: services are not covered.


05. INSURANCE for Acupuncture Services

If you are receiving Acupuncture treatment, please call your insurance company to determine if services are covered. State of Vermont, Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield, University of Vermont Medical Center, and Middlebury College are major local employers who have included Acupuncture in their benefits package.