Patient Services

At Vermont Wellness Medicine, we emphasize direct collaboration with conventional oncology teams, while honoring our patients’ health priorities and philosophical preferences. The personalized health plans we create are optimized to complement your conventional cancer treatment, and empower you to safely and effectively incorporate naturopathic therapies in the pursuit of whole health while facing a cancer diagnosis.

  • Conventional oncology collaboration

  • Evidence-based medical supplements

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Acupuncture

  • Lifestyle medicine and mind-body therapies

  • Lab test requests, orders, and review

  • Mental health and mindfulness support referrals

  • Prescription medicine when appropriate

  • Complementary therapy referrals


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Our goal is always to incorporate the best of both worlds – naturopathic and conventional – for a truly integrative oncology treatment plan. We want our patients to feel secure and supported, knowing that all of their health care providers are operating in their best interest, and that scientific evidence is guiding the application of both “high tech” medicine and complementary therapies. Incorporating knowledge of our patient’s conventional treatment plan with their personal health priorities and philosophical preferences means a treatment plan created with, rather than for, the patient.
— Dr. Amy Littlefield