Our Approach

When facing cancer, understanding your role in the treatment can feel overwhelming. We specialize in providing the one-on-one education, support, and compassion that makes a complex treatment plan feel more approachable to you.


Empowerment Through Education

At Vermont Wellness Medicine, we are passionate about empowering our patients through education, for confidence and peace-of-mind while facing cancer. We understand the fear and stress that may accompany an oncology diagnosis, and want you to feel prepared, in both body and mind, for the road to recovery. That means working with you to determine and implement the most appropriate plan of intervention, while providing you with the support and guidance needed to take a proactive role in the promotion of your health.


Conventional Collaboration

By working closely with your oncology team, Dr. Littlefield and Dr. Hill are able to review the treatment plan and recommend complementary therapies with thorough explanation of why and how they will be incorporated. This allows your oncology team to proceed with first-line treatment, while understanding and recognizing the role naturopathic oncology will play in the process. That means improved collaboration for effective cancer treatment that honors your desire for an integrative oncology approach.


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