What is Integrative Oncology?

Integrative oncology combines complementary therapies and conventional medicine in the treatment of cancer. Naturopathic physicians who are trained in integrative oncology not only have the expertise to understand serious illness and its associated therapies, but also the training in lifestyle medicine, supplements, and nutrition to know how, and when, to combine therapies in the best interest of the patient.


Our Integrative Oncology Services

These services are designed for patients looking for the support and guidance to confidently incorporate naturopathic solutions into their conventional cancer treatment plan. To recommend safe complementary therapies, we thoroughly review your current treatment plan, work closely with your oncology team, and develop an integrative health plan that optimizes whole health before, during, and after cancer treatment. By accounting for your treatment history, personal health goals, and areas of concern, we are able to identify and help clarify your priorities of care. It is this level of personalization that allows us to develop health-and-wellness plans that are not only compatible with your conventional care, but optimized for maximum efficacy and better overall outcomes. The result is an integrative cancer treatment plan that is safe, effective, evidence-based, and specific to your medical goals.


What is the Difference Between Integrative and Alternative Medicine?

Often, patients are unsure of what differentiates integrative medicine from alternative in the treatment of cancer. Integrative medicine is defined by its use of safe therapies in addition to conventional, standard-of-care oncology.

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What to Expect

Review of your current treatment plan

Our extensive familiarity with the conventional oncology field allows us to quickly and accurately review your current treatment plan, while communicating directly with your cancer team to best understand your path to recovery. Understanding the intricacies is vital to developing customized supplement plans that are not only safe and compatible, but optimized for effectiveness.


Review of your current naturopathic therapies

If you have already incorporated integrative therapies into your treatment plan, we will help you review those choices for compatibility with your current conventional care. Even seemingly harmless supplements can have adverse effects when your body is undergoing cancer treatment. We specialize in discerning which supplements are safe for your current circumstances, and most importantly, which ones are not.


Review of your past health history

A thorough understanding of your past health history is vital to creating and implementing an integrative health plan that is optimized for you. This includes understanding the possible underlying causes of the disease, your personal susceptibility, and risks of recurrence – all in an effort to clearly define your road to recovery.


Review of your current circumstances

With the clinical expertise to review lab tests, diagnosis reports, and cancer treatments, we are able to gain a thorough understanding of your current circumstances. This allows us to develop integrative treatment plans that account for cancer type (solid vs. hematological), first line of treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or all three), and the resulting symptoms you are experiencing.


Develop a plan for mitigating your side effects

We use our understanding of your specific circumstances to strategize and create personalized treatment plans that manage side effects and their impact on your well-being. The result is improved comfort and happiness, for both body and mind, throughout the treatment process.


Create and implement your integrative health plan

Together, we will create and implement an integrative health plan that accounts for your past history, current treatment, and future goals. Through the open dialogue of a one-on-one relationship, we are able to provide the personalized support and education that will empower you to take an active role in your treatment. The goal is to improve your patient experience, while helping you make the self-directed changes to lifestyle and nutrition that will have the most meaningful outcomes on your recovery.

Recommendations may include: nutritional counseling, evidence-based medical supplements, acupuncture, lifestyle and mind-body medicine, and prescription medicine.